System Overview

Our See Through Wall System is specifically designed for locating live people behind walls or optically nontransparent obstacles during protection operations, natural disaster rescue missions and avalanche recovery search. Owing to its outstanding features of long range, high resolution and strong penetrability, the system provides a powerful solution for many government agencies, e.g., fire and police department.

System Advantages

  • Penetrate 50cm brick & concrete solid wall to detect target within 30m
  • Detect and display multiple moving targets in real time
  • High resolution: ±5cm in distance, ±0.5m in orientation (depending on situations)
  • Detect multiple targets with clear 2D display
  • Work any time and in all-weather conditions. Performance will not be impacted by rain, haze, snow, dust, smoke or darkness
  • Include Wi-Fi PAD for remote expert monitoring and analysis

Technical Specifications

Central frequency0.7-2.5GHz
Penetrable materialConcrete, soil, rock, wood, cement, plaster, brick, reinforced concrete, adobe, drywall and other standard building materials
Through-wall penetrabilityPenetrate 50cm brick & concrete solid wall
Remote control distance≥150m in open space
Resolution in distance±5cm
Resolution in orientation±0.5m@10m (depending on situations)
Detecting modeSimultaneous detection of static and living objects Multiple targets, two-dimension positioning
Working hour≥8h