We provide high-quality security products and related mechanical and electronic products to meet customer demands and create value to customers.

See Through Wall System

Portable X-ray Inspection System


We provide top-rated professional services to support our customers and distributors.

Customized Services

Our products are designed and provided with customized services based on our customers’ specific technical demands. Our customized services provide strong technical supports for our customers’ projects and practical solutions to meet the requirements of end users.

Sample Promotion Program

We introduce the sample promotion program for our popular products, to benefit our distributors. To make our distributors’ marketing and promotion activities more flexible and professional, some product samples are offered at special price with free training course, strong sales supports and discount for further orders.

Technical Training Program

We offer the technical training program to introduce functions, features, use and preventive maintenance of our products. Our team and engineers make the operating staffs of our customers understand how to use our products to peak performance.

After-Sales Services

We provide the after-sales services to ensure that every product receives the best possible customer service to enhance the safety and stability of our products for the benefit of our customers. All critical spare parts are in stock to guarantee a quick response time.